TSLab trading platform

Visual trading platform TSLab

The TSLab trading platform is designed specifically for traders and includes tools for developing, optimizing and launching trading scripts and personalized trading terminals. Creating your own trading strategy in TSLab does not require programming skills. All the necessary operations to create a trading system are performed using ready-made visual design blocks.

Main advantages of TSLab

  • Automatic and semi-automatic trading. TSLab implements the technology for creating and using automated trading programs (agents) that perform trading operations without user intervention. If necessary, the user can adjust the operation of agents in manual mode;

  • Visual editor. A unique technology that allows you to create and improve algorithms of any complexity without knowledge of programming languages. The TSLab program implements an extensive library of indicators and elements of trading mathematics in the form of visual blocks. TSLab makes it possible to implement your trading strategies in the form of a scheme, simply by connecting the blocks together.

  • Testing trading strategies. In TSLab, you can test the developed trading strategy on historical data. Based on the research results obtained, it is possible to optimize the trading strategy before starting real trading on the exchange;

  • Trade diversification. Simultaneous working with several brokers and exchanges, which makes it possible to conduct independent trading operations on different platforms, with many tools;

  • Pre-trade restrictions and risk management module. The module checks applications for compliance with predefined filters and blocks, or removes them in case of violation of the requirements. Notifications of violation of terms and blocking applications can be sent through the notification system;

  • Safe script container. Script containers protect valuable strategies. The main task of the container is to restrict viewing and editing the algorithm contained in it;

  • Instant notification system. Using the instant messaging system, you can control the operation of the system by e-mail or via the Telegram messenger;

  • User-friendly interface. In TSLab it is possible to customize your workspace due to an extensive set of tools. The program is available in light or dark visual design, so you can choose the most comfortable mode for your eyes;

  • Flexible API. TSLab API is a set of ready-made libraries on the .NET platform that allow you to create trading scripts and indicators for TSLab;

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