Starting the program

Starting the program

To start the TSLab program open the Windows Start menu, then Select the TSLab 2.1 folder and click on the TSLab shortcut

Working area for manual trading in the TSLab program

After the TSLab program loading is finished, the main user's working area will open.

The working area is an interactive tool, organizing your comfortable working place. The working area contains tabs, which consist of zones, where you can place windows.

The working area consists of the following elements:


The Chart allows you to display any numerical data visually and do technical analysis as well. TSLab has a powerful and flexible chart displaying system. You can use ready chart templates or customize chart appearance to your needs.

You can display a chart of quotes for the selected instrument for the Binance Spot and the Binance Futures markets by using this control. In the chart settings menu, you can specify time segments (ticks, seconds, minutes, days).

By default, the first time you launch the app, the charts will be configured for the BTC/USD tool. Historical data will also be loaded for the Binance Spot and the Binance Futures markets.

You can use tabs located at the bottom of the program window to switch between the Binance Spot and the Binance Futures markets.

Depth of Market

The Depth of Market is an important indicator demonstrating liquidity and depth for instrument. As orders get executed and new orders are placed, values in the Depth of Market window get updated according to changing prices.

The Depth of Market (or quotes of the second level) is an organized sequence of all pending orders for an instrument registered by the exchange.

  • In the asks half the first order is an order at maximum price, an order at a lower price follows, and so on, as offered price diminishes.

  • In the bids half the first one is an order at minimum price, the next one is an order at a higher price, and so on, as the price grows.

If prices of orders are equal, an order created earlier has a priority over the other one.

The Depth of Market and the tools for manual trading are located on the right side of the workspace.

Working areas and information messages

The field for displaying the information about the program's and the agents' work is located at the bottom of the working area (№1 on the screenshot)

The Data providers Quick Access Toolbar is located below (№2 on the screenshot). You can connect and disconnect the selected Data providers in one click via this control.

The tabs for the workspaces you created are located to the right of the Quick Access Toolbar (№3 on the screenshot).

Data providers

You can select and configure the connection to the markets in the Data providers menu. In your Personal account on the TSLab company's website, you can find a list of the markets available for connection. The Data providers menu access can be obtained in the main menu of the program: Data - Data Providers.

For your convenience in the TSLab Binance Edition, the Data providers menu is moved to the Spot Manual trading and Futures Manual trading working area, and located under the trading chart.

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