Creating a Binance API Key for TSLab

Creating a Binance API Key for TSLab

The beginning of API key creation

Open the main page of the Binance exchange website. Hover over the account settings menu located in the upper right corner of the page. This menu is indicated as two characters surrounded by a circle (the first two characters in the name of your email address specified during registration). In the dropdown list select API Management item.

Entering a name for the API key

At this stage, you must enter a name for the generated API key. Enter the name of the API key and then click on the Create button.

To confirm the operation of creating the API key, you need to enter the six-digit code created in the two-factor authentication application installed on your mobile device. Enter the code in the text input line.

Confirmation of creating an API key via email

After the confirmation the creation of the API key, an email will be sent to your email address with a link that completes the process of creating the API key. Open the email and confirm your decision to create an API key (click the Confirm new API key button to confirm).

Finishing the API Key creation

After confirming the creation of the API key in the mail message, the page for configuring the API key will open in your browser.

Attention! After loading the API key configuration page, be sure to save the Secret key. After updating the page, or when closing the page, this Secret key will be replaced with special characters and will become inaccessible for reading. In case of loss of the Secret key, you will need to delete the API key and recreate it.

Write down the Private Key, then click on the Edit restrictions button.

In order to connect TSLab application to Binance Exchange futures market, click the Enable Future menu item

Click on the Save button. To confirm your changes, enter the six-digit two-factor authentication code.

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