Deribit data provider settings

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API Public

The user's public API key. Using the public key, you can get a license key for the TSLab program. Note! On the Deribit website, the public key is designated as Client ID.

API Secret

The secret key of the user. Note! On the Deribit website, the public key is designated as Client Secret

Max of requested trades

The maximum number of requested history trades. The number of requested trades in one request. The default is 50000.

Basic URL

Allows you to change the path to the exchange server.

  • Trade server -

  • Test server -

Use local time

Allows you to output data in the local time zone, UTC is used by default.

Use PostOnly orders

Activates the posting of PostOnly orders.

Subs. to trades with quotes

Subscribe to receive trades on an instrument when subscribing to quotes on an instrument.

Orders blocking timeout (sec.)

The time during which, after connecting to the exchange server, the data provider will not accept orders.

Cache settings

Sets the period for storing information about your transactions and orders, the following options are available:

  • Executed order cache period;

  • Cancelled order cache period;

  • Trade cache period.

Save tick, mins

Save ticks every N minutes.

Offline orders/Trades visibility

Activates the ability to see your deals and orders offline. Changing this parameter requires restarting the program.

Logs for Debug

Service option. Required to create an extended program log to analyze possible errors in the work of the supplier. Enable this option only if requested by the TSLab Support Service

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