Registration on the KuCoin official website

Note! This article describes the process of registering and setting up credentials on a third-party resource that is not associated with TSLab. There may be changes to the interface of the KuCoin website over time that we do not monitor. You can find detailed instructions for registering and setting up in the source at the link

Registering a KuCoin account. Setting up account security

Registration on the KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange website

Go to the official website of the KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange:

Click on the Sign up button in the upper right corner of the page.

On the registration page you will be offered two options for creating an account - using an email or a phone number.

Enter the data and click on the Create account button. A message containing a digital code required to confirm your account will be sent to the address you specified. Enter the received code and in the next step create and enter a password for your account. Complete the registration procedure.

Starting from August 31, 2023 (UTC), new users must complete Identity Verification in order to use KuCoin's products and services. More...

Setting up account security

In order to strengthen the protection of your account from hacking, and to be able to create an API key for your trading account, you need to configure your account security.

Enable two-factor authentication

To connect the TSLab trading platform to your KuCoin account, you need to create an API key. This key will be available only after enabling two-factor authentication for your account.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a method of identifying a user in a service (usually on the Internet) by requesting two different types of authentication data, which provides a two-layer, and therefore more effective account protection from unauthorized entry.

Open the Account menu -> Account Security

On the Security Settings page, find the Google Verification menu item. Click on the Bind button.

In the window that opens, request a verification code by email. Enter the code and on the next page, scan the QR code using your two-factor authentication app of choice. Enter the code from the application.

Next, to create an API key, you need to set a Trading Password. On the Security Settings page, find the Trade Password item. Click on the Settings button.

In the window that opens, enter the six-digit code from the two-factor authentication application. This six-digit code is updated on average 30 seconds.

Create and enter a new Trading Password.

After 2FA is enabled and the Trading Password is set, you can proceed to creating an API key.

Creating an API key on the KuCoin website

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