Setting up the KuCoin data provider in TSLab

To get started with TSLab, you need to select a data provider.

Open the Providers window

In the Main Menu, select Data - Data Providers

Click on the Add button

Select Online data and click Next

Note. You can also load Historical data into the program. You can read more about working with Historical data in the section Historical data

Select the KuCoin data provider from the list and give it a name under which it will be saved in your list of providers. Click on the Next button

In the Data provider settings window, fill in the API Public, API Secret and Pass Phrase fields. Click on the Next button

Data Provider Settings
  • API Public - Public API key created in your KuCoin account

  • API Secret - Secret API key created in your KuCoin account

  • Pass Phrase - Passphrase entered by you at the stage of creating an API key in your KuCoin account

  • Use local time - Use the time according to your computer's regional settings

  • Subs. to trades with quotes - Includes subscription to trades for instruments that have ever been requested from the View | Quotes

  • Orders blocking timeout (sec.) - Blocks the submission of requests for a set time interval after establishing a connection with the data provider.

  • Cache settings - Sets the period for storing information about transactions and orders of the User, the following parameters are available:

    • Executed order cahe period;

    • Cancelled order cache period;

    • Trade cache period.

  • Save tick, mins - Record ticks every N minutes

  • Offline orders/Trades visibility - Enables the visibility of your deals in agents, when the data provider is turned off.

  • Logs for Debug

In the Data Providers window, select the created data provider and click the Key button.

Enter the key created in your TSLab personal account (TSLab Personal Account - Contracts) and click the OK button.

After the key is entered, you will be able to access the button to launch the data provider in the Operation column. Click the button to establish a connection.

The program will inform you about the connection status in the Data Providers window:

  • red color of the button means an error in establishing connection,

  • yellow color means that the connection is in progress,

  • green color means that connections have been established and you can carry out trading operations.

Check the box in the Status bar column to activate the slider button in the Status bar. The color of the slider button in the Status bar also informs you about the connection status.

Using the Schedule manager menu, you can configure the automatic start of the data provider on the day and time you specify.

Note. To start the data provider automatically, the TSLab application must be running.

To configure the automatic start of the provider, click on the button with three dots in the Schedule manager column.

In the Edit Schedule window that opens, fill in the data for the provider's automatic launch schedule. Click on the OK button

To start the created schedule, in the Providers window, move the Schedule manager slider to the extreme right position. In this case, manual control of the launch of the data provider will be blocked.

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