Issuing a free license for OKX Data Provider

Issuing a free license for OKX Data Provider

Go to the TSLab website.

Enter the user's Account by selecting the Cabinet item in the upper right corner of the main page of the TSLab website.

In your TSLab user’s Cabinet select the Shop menu item. A list of available data providers will be displayed on the site page.

Please note! Each broker / exchange has different tariff lines.

Paid tariffs for cryptocurrency providers are designated:

  • Provider-USD

For any tariff plan, payment is possible in the following currencies: RUB, USD.

Free tariffs for cryptocurrency providers are designated:

  • Provider-Free

Creating a new license key

Select OKX exchange from the list of data providers. To continue, click on the Details green button located opposite the selected tariff.

On the page that opens, you need to place an order for the purchase of a TSLab license key:

  • In the API Key (public) field, you need to enter a unique API key created in your personal OKX cryptocurrency exchange account.

Please note! The purchased license will be valid only for the specified API Public Key. If you enter the wrong number, the data provider will not work!

  • Move the slider to select the license term (validity period).

  • Please confirm your agreement with the User Agreement. To register a license key, click on the Get for free button.

After the license key is issued, a letter with the license key for the data provider in the TSLab program will be sent to your mail. You can also find license information in your personal account on the TSLab website. To do this, go to the Contracts page.

For detailed information about the purchased license in the Contracts window, click on the ellipsis in the line with the selected license.

Next, you can proceed to setting up the KuCoin data provider in the TSLab program.

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