TSLab OKX Edition

Information for TSLab 2.2 users

If you already have TSLab 2.2 installed and would like to install OKX Edition, just download the Configuration File and Script Set to your computer.

Difference between TSLab and TSLab OKX Edition

Important! There are no differences from the simple version 2.2 in OKX Edition globally.

Only the setting differs, what exactly is in OKX Edition and what is not in the simple version of TSLab 2.2. In OKX Edition we have prepared for you:

  1. Examples of scripts and indicators written in a visual editor

  2. Preconfigured Agents customized configuration.

  3. Schedule and order of applications.

  4. Some history (bars) has already been loaded.

The OKX Edition is more suitable for beginners who have never dealt with the TSLab program.

Installing TSLab and configuring OKX Edition

Go to the TSLab website and download the latest version of TSLab 2.2

Install the TSLab 2.2 program on your computer. Learn more about the installation process.

Launch the TSLab 2.2 program. Download ready-made scripts for OKX and OKX Edition configuration file

Loading scripts

Download the script file to your computer:

In the main menu of the TSLab program, select the menu items "Lab" - "Scripts".

In the "Scripts" workspace that opens, click the "Load from file" button.

In the window that opens, select the directory with the downloaded OKEx.tspack file. Select the file type TSLab Script Archive (*.tspack). Open the OKEx.tspack file.

Examples of scripts with strategies and indicators will be added to the scripts table.

Loading a configuration file

Download the configuration file to your computer:

Open the TSLab program. In the main menu of the program, select the menu items "File" - "Load...".

In the window that opens, select the folder with the downloaded OKEx.tlws file. Open the configuration file.

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