First launch of TSLab OKEx Edition

TSLab OKEx Edition

TSLab OKEx Edition is a special release of the TSLab 2.1 trading platform, which includes:

  • Pre-configured workspace for automatic and semi-automatic trading;

  • A set of classic trading strategies, consisting of 20 ready-made examples adapted for trading through the OKEx Exchange.

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the advantages of automatic trading strategies over manual operations using the example of one of the scripts available in TSLab OKEx Edition called Manual Trading with automatic stop-loss.

Please note! The TSLab development team recommends starting to study the TSLab OKEx Edition program on the Demo server or on historical data.

Download TSLab OKEx Edition!

TSLab OKEx Edition interface

We invite you to review the preconfigured TSLab OKEx Edition workspace.

Run the TSLab program. After downloading all the components necessary for operation, the main window of the TSLab program will open on your desktop.

By default, in the standard version of TSLab 2.1, the user's workspace is loaded empty. For TSLab OKEx Edition, our team has prepared for you a customized and ready-to-use ManualTradingReal workspace. To get started, you just need to enter your credentials from your OKEx exchange account.

Please note! You can open, close and drag all windows located in the ManualTradingReal workspace. Also, you can choose Light theme for the TSLab program. To do this, select File - Program Settings in the main menu of the program. In the window that opens, select Appearance - Theme. Select Light theme and click on OK button.

In the screenshot below, all the main controls are divided into areas:

  1. The main menu. Data providers.

  2. Positions, Accounts, My Trades

  3. Chart

  4. Orders Manager

  5. Status Bar

Area 1. The main menu. Data providers.

The main menu is located at the top of the program window. It provides you with access to the main controls and settings of the TSLab program.

A data provider is a part of the program that provides interaction with a particular trading broker, or directly with an exchange. The provider can implement both a full set of functionalities (receiving trade data, issuing trade orders) and a partial set of functionalities.

The Data Providers window is intended for managing data providers. The Data Providers window can be opened from the Main Menu - Data – Data Providers.

4 data providers were pre-created for TSLab OKEx Edition:

  • Okex Perpetual Swap Real - a data provider configured for perpetual swaps markets

  • Okex Spot Real – a data provider configured for spot markets

  • Okex Futures Real – a data provider configured to work with futures markets

  • DEMO Okex Spot – a data provider configured to work with the OKEx demo server

To configure a data provider, double-click on it, or select a provider and click on the Settings button.

To enter the license key, select a provider and click the Key button.

You can configure automatic start of data providers using the Schedule manager menu.

For your convenience, you can move the data provider launch button to the status bar, located in the lower left corner of the window, by selecting this item in the Status Bar column.

Area 2. Positions, Accounts, My Trades

The Positions window displays data reflecting the current state of positions. The Positions window can be opened from the Main Menu | Trades | Positions.

Data from the broker / exchange is transmitted to this window without changes.

The toolbar of the Positions window contains the Orders Manager, Close Position / Cancel All Orders, Cancel Orders buttons. To activate the button, select the line with the position.

The Accounts window allows you to receive information about the status of your accounts. The Accounts window can be opened from the Main Menu - Trades - Accounts.

The My Trades window contains information about executed deals. You can open this window from the Main Menu - Trades - My Trades.

Area 3. Chart

This window can be used to display instruments’ charts. The chart has its own visual editor for displaying indicators using it.

The Chart window can be opened from the Main Menu | View | Chart or from the context menu of the Quotes window, opened above the security you are interested in.

Some blocks that cannot be used in the chart are disabled in the Chart Editor, for example, Open Position and Close Position.

At least one data source must be defined for each graph. This is a security, the indicators of which will be displayed on the chart.

One of the cluster analysis indicators is displayed on the chart. It collects statistics of trades per day and is configured for the number of trades. The indicator starts collecting statistics from the moment of the first connection.

Please note! The selection of a security is performed in the Properties: Chart - Select Instrument window. Properties: Chart can be opened by right-clicking in the chart window. In this window, you can select a provider (broker providing information), the type of securities, and also use the securities filter.

In TSLab OKEx Edition, the BTC-USDT instrument is selected by default. In order to see the full list of instruments and select another instrument, clear the filter field located above the list of instruments.

For convenience, when working with futures, it is possible to connect instruments of different expirations with each other. Thus, the program provides you with the opportunity to combine data from various financial instruments.

The selected instruments are placed in the Source field of the Properties: Chart window. Click on + Add Instrument to expand the tool for adding start and end dates that will be used to create the chart. The newest instrument must be selected as the main instrument.

The installed instrument can be removed by clicking on the Remove button.

Area 4. Orders Manager

The Orders Manager window allows you to quickly trade a specific security. This window can be opened from the Main Menu l Trades | Orders Manager, or from the context menu of other windows.

The Orders Manager window contains a queue of orders and three tabs for setting order parameters: Scalping, Limit and Conditional orders.Please note! The Orders Manager slots are active. Using various combinations of buttons, you can place and remove buy and sell orders.

You can select the instrument you are interested in from the menu located at the top of the window.

Area 5. Status Bar

Status Bar is located at the bottom of the workspace and is designed to display the current state of the system.

Status Bar displays the following information and functionality:

  • Data provider connection button (if you work with several data providers, the status bar displays the data providers connection button, in the line of which there is a check mark in the Status Bar column in the Data Providers window);

  • Status of connection with the server (if the connection could not be established, the reason is indicated);

  • Server Time;

  • Tabs Panel;

  • Message Log open / close button;

  • Flags for activating the display of various types of messages in the Message Log and the number of new messages.

There are several Sheets with customized workspaces in TSLab OKEx Edition:

  • ManualTradingReal is a Workspace with an example of setting up the program interface for manual trading. Loaded at the first launch of TSLab OKEx Edition

  • Scripts is a Workspace with a prepared set of classic trading strategies, consisting of 20 ready-made examples adapted for trading on the OKEx exchange

  • ManualTradingDemo is a Workspace with an example of a ready-to-run Manual Trading with automatic stop-loss trading agent configured to work with the OKEx demo server. The agent consists of a chart panel and a script control panel.

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