Trading in TSLab [OKEx]

Transferring funds between accounts

In order to be able to perform trading operations on the OKEx exchange You need to transfer funds from the Funding Account to the Trading Account. To do this, open the Assets page and select Transfer - Transfer between accounts

In the page that opens, you need to specify:

  • Token - type of the currency to be transferred;

  • From - the account that the transfer will be made from;

  • To - account to which the transfer will be made;

  • Amount - the amount to be transferred.

To complete the transfer, click Confirm.

You can check the receipt of the funds to your trading account by opening the Assets section and selecting the Trading Accounts item.

You can check your accounts in the TSLab program in the Positions window.

Margin trading with TSLab

On the OKEX exchange website, select Trades-Margin trading

Select the instrument you would like to trade and click Borrow

Please note! Further, as an example, we consider the loan of funds when trading ETH/USDT on a demo OKEx account. This sequence of actions is also relevant for real accounts.

If you only have ETH on your account , you will not be able to buy ETH. You need to borrow USD, secured by ETH to buy it.

If You have only USDT on your account, you will not be able to sell ETH because you do not have it and you should borrow ETH firstly for such a transaction.

In the next window you need to borrow funds for margin trading, for example, if you have USDT on the account, you should borrow ETH.

After borrowing funds, you need to reconnect to the data provider DEMO OKEX Spot

After enabling the DEMO FOREX Spot data provider you need to select the instrument for margin trading in the Chart and Order Manager window. Here is an example of selecting a margin market in the Order Manager window.

  1. Enable the DEMO OKEX Spot data provider.

  2. Click Select tool in the order Manager

  3. Click on the list of data providers in the Select securities window

  4. A new supplier for the margin market will appear in the list of data providers. The market name corresponds to the name of the Instrument.

  5. Clear the filter if a tool has ever been selected in the data provider. The margin market Instrument will appear in the list of instruments.

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