Offline data provider in CSV format

CSV file data format

In TSLab, you can use CSV files as an offline data provider. The contents of the file must be in the specified format.

The only data format recognized for CSV files:

1️⃣ The order of writing data in columns:


The order and the format of writing data in rows:


2️⃣ The file should not have a header line. The line above is indicated as an instruction; it should not be in the file.

3️⃣ It is necessary to use bars starting from minutes and above.

4️⃣ There should be no empty lines in the file. Data is read until the first empty line.

5️⃣ You must use a semicolon character (;) as a column separator.

6️⃣ As a separator of the fractional part of the number, you must use the dot sign (.)

7️⃣ The number must be written without spaces.

8️⃣ The format of writing Date: MM/dd/yyyy

9️⃣ The format of writing Time: HH:mm


The time written in the csv file is perceived by the program as UTC time. In the data provider, you can use the Local time setting, according to the time settings in windows.

🔟 At the end of each line, use a semicolon (;)

An example of writing data in the CSV file


You can download an example of filling the CSV file:

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