You can download historical data from the Yahoo Finance search engine. This feature is implemented in the software starting with version TSLab 2.1

Downloading the Historical data file from the Yahoo Finance website

Market selection

Open the Yahoo Finance website. Enter the abbreviation of the market you are interested in the search bar. As an example, select Apple quotes

On the opened page of the selected market, you need to choose Historical Data section

Saving quotes history

  1. Select a time interval for historical data

  2. Confirm the selection

  3. Save the data to your local disk. The file will be saved in .csv format. We recommend downloading the file with quotes to the C:\ProgramData\TSLab\TSLab 2.1\Providers\Text directory. This folder is used by the software to load text files by default.

Creating a Yahoo Data Provider in TSLab

Adding an offline data provider

Open the TSLab program. In the main menu, select Data - Add Offline Data Provider

In the window that opens, enter any name for the data provider, for example YahooText. Select the data type: Yahoo Finance files. Click on the Next button.

Setting up the data provider

The next step is to specify the path to the .csv file containing quotes history.

Configure the data provider according to the specification of the market instrument which you will subsequently use for trading.

To complete the process of setting up the data provider, click Next.

The created data provider can be found in the menu: Data - Data Providers.

Checking the data provider

To check the data provider, you should display the selected tool on the chart. To do this, select View - Chart in the main menu.

Then right-click on the empty field of the graph. In the context menu that opens, select Properties.

In the Sources settings, choose a YahooText provider. Select the AAPL tool. Confirm the selection.

In the Chart settings, you must disable the "Use initial date" item

Save changes by clicking the Apply button. Close the "Properties: Chart" window. Wait for the data to load from the file to finish.

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