- 2022/10/27

Attention! It is highly recommended to back up your data before performing the update!

Attention container users! Be prepared that account keys will change after the update. Recommendation: stop container agents before upgrading. After the update, create new containers and replace the containers in the Scripts table.


New blocks in the editor:

  • Average entry price (by security);


Data providers:

  • QuikLua: "Delay transaction" option added to Data Provider settings;


  • Improvements have been made to the work of the Filters system of the Agents window;

  • Script properties. The "Interval period" setting has been moved to the "Update Modes" group;

  • Script name length increased to 100 characters;

  • Added Hotkey "Script Manager. Rename Script";

  • Editor: In the "Parameters" tab, editing of the "Note" field is enabled;

  • Added parameter "Script execution timeout" in the script properties ("Common Settings" tab).


Data Providers:

  • ByBit: fixed a bug causing quotes lag;

  • ByBit: disabled download Funding Rate;

  • ByBit: fixed error loading trading history;

  • ОКХ: fixed a bug causing the execution of extra signals;

  • Deribit: fixed bug with canceling orders for Solana Perpetual;

  • Tinkoff: fixed a bug in the work of the "Exclude weekends" setting;

  • Fixed various bugs in data providers:

    • ByBit

    • OKX

    • QuikLua2

    • Interactive Brokers


  • Fixed error saving changes in the script settings when clicking on the "Cancel" button;

  • Fixed a bug in the operation of the "Global cache" block in conjunction with the "Order book" block;

  • Corrected the construction of the time scale of the Chart when using the "Bars indent" option;

  • Risk management. Fixed bug in the time filter;

  • Changed the algorithm for calculating the account key;

  • Fixed indication of double exits;

  • Fixed a bug that blocked the replacement of the script container if there is an error in the agent;

  • Fixed a bug in the block "Save to global cache" and "Load from global cache";

  • Corrected the algorithm for sending signals to the exchange when changing the type of order;

  • Fixed a bug that caused the "Opening positions" order not to be canceled when the agent was turned off;

  • Fixed "Wait for exit (entry)" option in agent settings;

  • Fixed a bug that caused a double exit from positions;

  • Various minor bugs

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