- 2022/12/15

Attention! It is highly recommended to back up your data before performing the update!


  • TSVerse: In the Main menu of the program for the menu item TSVerse added the option "My Purchases"

  • TSVerse: In the TSVerse menu, the option to create a data provider based on a contract drawn up in the TSVerse personal account has been added

  • In the "Program settings" - "Script Optimization", the setting "Workstation garbage collection .NET" has been added. Affects the loading of multi-core processors.


Data providers:

  • OKX Swap: Added "Balance" and "Available" data to the "Accounts" window. Account currency changed to USDT;

  • OKX и ByBit: Added option "Don't save trades" in data provider settings;

  • OKX: Reduced CPU load when working with OKX;

  • ByBit: In the settings of the data provider, the option "By market as a limit plus %" for the execution of market orders has been added.


  • TSChannel: Added APIKey menu for TSChannel blocks in script properties;

  • If the broker did not send the price for the execution of transactions, the bar's opening price is used (Previously it was 0 and the "bars" of the market);

  • Accelerated calculation of the block "Profit (whole period)";

  • Accelerated calculation of the block "Free money";

  • Portfolio testing. Fixed sorting in the portfolio table;

  • Autotrading Control Center window: added sorting for the "Creation date" column;

  • Blocks "Formula": In the "Expression Editor" added button [-1];

  • Optimized tick cache memory usage;

  • Autotrading Control Center window: Fixed "Forget errors" button and agent statistics.


Data Providers:

  • ByBit: Fixed a problem with the work of the "Portfolio estimation" block;

  • ByBit: Fixed display of "Volume" in the "Quotes" window;

  • ByBit Spot: Fixed a bug that caused an increase in incoming network traffic;

  • Deribit options: Fixed bug with placing orders;

  • Bitfinex: Fixed switching intervals on the chart;

  • OKX: Fixed a bug where conditional orders did not work;

  • OKX: Fixed a bug with assigning a number to orders;

  • OKX Swap: Fixed a bug that caused gaps to appear on the chart when a provider is disabled;

  • Fixed various bugs in data providers:

    • ByBit

    • OKX

    • BitMEX


  • Fixed a bug where the transaction history was not cleared in the Autotrading Control Center window when changing the agent name;

  • Fixed a bug in displaying the optimized parameters of a custom indicator;

  • Fixed the problem of performance degradation when using the "Compress" block in a self-made indicator;

  • Scripts window: Fixed Name column filter;

  • Various minor bugs

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