- 2023/02/28

Attention! It is highly recommended to back up your data before performing the update!


Data providers:

  • Added new Data provider: Bitget.

New blocks in the editor:

  • Initial Deposit;

  • Quote by name;

  • Average exit price.


Data providers:

  • Bybit: added setting "Place conditional orders via TSLab" in the Data provider settings;

  • Interactive Brokers: Added support for the latest TWS API.


  • For the "Trade Statistics Strings Sum" and "Trade Statistics Extremum Value" blocks, the Minimum and Maximum bar,% parameters have been added;

  • Script editor: when the "Hide links" mode is enabled, links are displayed only for selected blocks placed on the Editor's workspace;

  • When creating a script container, a container compression procedure has been added. For new containers, the file extension has been changed from .tscont to .tszcont;

  • The algorithm for counting positions in agents has been changed (columns in the Agents window: Positions (lots), Positions (money), Long positions, Short positions). Now, if the volume by the amount of transactions on some executed order does not match the volume in the order, then the position is complemented to the volume of the order. If the missing deal comes next, then the order is no longer taken into account;

  • The Parameters tab has been redesigned in the Script Editor and in agents. Attention! Data about parameter sets are saved in a new format, so when you roll back to the old version of the program, new parameter sets will not be available;

  • Changes have been made to the menu item "Tools" - "Export to Excel" for a table in the Agents window. The list of exported parameters has been changed;

  • In the Agents window, for the buttons "Start all agents", "Start selected agents", the ability to enable a request for confirmation of the operation (File - Program settings - Trade - Request confirmation for starting a group of agents) has been added;

  • In the context menu of the Graph tab in the script and in the agent, the "Reload data" item was added;

  • Added "Maximum bars" and "Maximum days" parameters to agent settings. At zero values, the values are taken from the corresponding script parameters;

  • Added percentage selection for the number of optimization runs;

  • The title of the "My trades" window displays the number of trades, similar to the "My orders" window.


Data Providers:

  • ByBit: corrected the time synchronization procedure;

  • Fixed various bugs in data providers:

    • OKX

    • Rithmic


  • Fixed commission calculation error in the Agents window;

  • Control panel: data output in the form of a drop-down list for the "Instrument by name" block in conjunction with the "List of instruments" block has been fixed;

  • Fixed error in the "Interactive constant" block;

  • TSVerse: fixed a bug that caused the program to disconnect from the TSVerse service;

  • Improved search system by block name placed on the Editor's Workspace;

  • Fixed a bug in working with the cache of providers, when the option "Don't save trades" is enabled;

  • In the Data Providers Settings, the editor for entering the cache storage period has been fixed;

  • When ticket blocking is enabled, commands to change active tickets are no longer sent;

  • Various minor bugs.

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