- 2023/10/13

Attention! It is highly recommended to back up your data before performing the update!


Data providers:

  • ByBit: API V5 support implemented;; ByBit users, please note that as of October 16, the ByBit exchange will no longer support the old version of the API V3. We recommend updating TSLab to version in advance.


  • The "Disable price correction" option has been added to the laboratory properties. The option only works on historical data;

  • TSVerse project: Translation of workspace images from TSLab to TSVerse has been implemented;

  • A new block "CCI" has been added, in which inconsistencies in the calculations of the CCI indicator have been corrected. Previous version of CCI block renamed to "CCI (old)".


  • "Autotrading Control Center" window: added ascending sorting for the filter in the "Ticker" column;

  • Message log: the agent name has been added to the message “The previous operation with the request is still in progress”;

  • Agent "Parameters" Tab:

    • "Collapse", "Expand" and "Load" buttons have been added under the tree of parameter sets from the script;

    • the highlighting of the last loaded set works on both trees;

    • in the middle table (in which the parameters are displayed) sets from both trees are now added: script and agent;

    • if the value of any parameter changes for a loaded set of parameters on the “Optimization” tab, then the flag of the loaded set on the “Parameters” tab is cleared;

  • Optimized deletion of orders in the "My Orders" window when disconnected;

  • Agent Control Center: program freezing when opening a list of deals (with numerous deals in the cache) has been eliminated;

  • Saving optimization results:

    • in the "Select results from the Repository" window, the columns "Creation date", "Record count", "File size" have been added;

    • when saving optimization results in the repository, the name of the tab with the results changes to the saved name;

  • Portfolio testing:

    • on the "Strategy Correlation" tab in the "Name" column, records are aligned to the left;

    • added an "Include" column allowing you to add or exclude strategies from the calculation of overall results;

  • For the "Save to Global Cache" block, the "Do not trim" option has been added. When the setting is enabled, the data will not be trimmed by the number of bars and by dates;

  • Changes have been made to the table of the "Agent Control Center" window:

    • the "Calculated Position" column has been renamed to "Common Position" and moved to the end;

    • a column “By agent trades” has been introduced - calculated position for agent transactions;

    • a column "Δ Agents" has been introduced - the absolute value of the discrepancy between the brokerage position and the settlement position for agents;

    • the “Align” button has been added to the “Δ Agents” column - places a limit order with the specified value;

    • the column "Δ Summary" has been introduced - the absolute value of the discrepancy between the brokerage position and the calculated one for agents;

    • the “Align” button has been added to the “Δ Summary” column - places a limit order with the value of the total discrepancy;

    • "Action" column removed.


Data Providers:

  • Binance: fixed a bug where instruments were not displayed in the provider settings;

  • Binance: fixed a bug causing the message "Server rate limit exceeded";

  • ByBit: fixed order expiration error;

  • Deribit: fixed the minimum lot value for options;

  • Deribit: the formation of values in the "Balance price" and "Assessed price" columns of the "Positions" window has been corrected;

  • Transaq: the problem with incorrect display of account balance has been resolved;

  • Fixed various bugs in data providers:

    • Binance

    • ByBit

    • OKX


  • Repository Manager: fixed bug with resaving imported optimization results;

  • Control Panel Editor: fixed a bug that caused displacement of selected objects on the control panel in the laboratory editor;

  • Fixed an error that occurred when loading optimization results;

  • Fixed a bug where the Laboratory and Agent tabs were included in the list of open windows (Main menu - Windows);

  • Improved algorithm for replacing block names in the "Formula Editor" of the "Formula" block using a global search in the Laboratory editor;

  • Changed default directory for storing text data for offline providers;

  • Fixed a bug where it was impossible to launch an agent that used the "List of instruments" block;

  • Solved an issue where it was impossible to link an order to an agent if an option was used as a trading instrument;

  • Parameters: fixed a bug where the saved set of parameters for a container could contain extra parameters (from deleted blocks);

  • Fixed a bug where the price of a partially executed active order was incorrectly determined, causing it to be re-issued;

  • Fixed a bug where the lists of available parameter sets disappeared in the agent's "Parameters" window when saving a new set in the source script;

  • Fixed a situation where, after launching the program, before the transaction history was fully loaded, agents could start working;

  • Agent Profit Chart: Fixed the algorithm for calculating the Median Profit when there are positions outside the current history;

  • Changes have been made to the calculation of the Results of the script in the Laboratory when several orders are triggered on one bar;

  • Fixed a bug that caused memory leaks during optimization;

  • Fixed a bug that led to double exits from a position in multi-order mode;

  • Portfolio testing: fixed a bug that caused the data calculation process to freeze;

  • Various minor bugs.

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