- 2023/11/16

Attention! It is highly recommended to back up your data before performing the update!


Data providers:

  • Added new data provider: KuCoin;


  • Agent trading settings: Added the "Stop if Timeout" option, which stops trading by the agent if the waiting time is exceeded;

  • In the "Optimization results" table, a "Mark" column has been added, which allows you to mark the selected rows.


  • ByBit Inverse Futures: API V5 support has been implemented for the data provider;

  • OKX: In the data provider settings, the "Calculation of lot at face value" option is enabled by default;

  • Portfolio testing: portfolio calculation algorithms have been optimized, RAM memory consumption has been reduced;

  • On the "Log" tab of the laboratory, a display of script recalculation time has been added;

  • The broadcast of screenshots from TSLab has been reworked:

    • the broadcast setting has been moved from the "Program Settings" to the context menu of the "Tab" (right-click on the name of the "Tab");

    • the broadcast is assigned to the selected sheet, which makes it possible to create several broadcasts;

    • broadcasting is carried out either to the TSVerse server or to a local disk. Removed the ability to broadcast images to Google Drive, DropBox and to a remote server.

  • The function to automatically disable the "Hide Links" button in the Lab Editor is disabled when adding a new link between blocks;

  • The Autotrading Control Center window. In the "Creation Date" column, filtering will be performed only by date without taking into account time;

  • When saving changes in the agent, an information message has been added to the "Message log";

  • The possible number of characters in the name of a set of script parameters has been increased.


Data Providers:

  • Binance Futures: resolved the issue of connection loss when working with multiple Binance data providers at the same time;

  • Binance: the problem of loss of connection with the data provider during connection has been resolved;

  • ByBit: fixed commission calculation on the "Trades" tab;

  • ByBit: the problem of long-term connection to the exchange has been resolved;

  • Alor: the problem with processing fictitious transactions on the St. Petersburg Exchange has been resolved. In the data provider settings, the option “Do not ignore zero trade volume” has been added (disabled by default);

  • Quik Lua: fixed a bug that led to double exits from a position;

  • Various errors in the work of suppliers have been fixed:

    • Binance

    • ByBit

    • OKX


  • The cache for loading trading statistics has been optimized;

  • Fixed an error in saving a new agent name;

  • Fixed an error in the operation of the "Risk Management" module that affected the values in the "Balance price" column of the "Positions" window;

  • Fixed an error in entering block parameter values for a simple chart;

  • The problem with multiple submission of orders when the Linked orders mode is enabled has been resolved;

  • Optimization results: when you cancel saving results to the repository, the tab name is not deleted;

  • Various minor bugs.

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