- 2024/02/09

Attention! It is highly recommended to back up your data before performing the update!


New blocks in the editor:

  • Block "Format message". The block allows you to create a message with numeric values. Work with string formula is supported.

Agent trading settings:

  • Added "Auto fix dbl. exit" option. Automatically aligns position if double outputs are detected. For this option to work, you need to enable the "Automated closing (bars)" option;

  • Added option "Stop if Timeout". Stops trading by an agent if the waiting time for a response from the server indicating that the order has been accepted is exceeded (the value of the "Order Timeout" parameter can be set in the "Program Settings").


  • New "Indicator Libraries" window showing status and information about loaded third-party indicator libraries (*.dll).


Data Providers:

  • ByBit: added support for a single account for the Spot and USDT Perpetual markets;

  • ByBit: added USDC swap instruments (instruments with PERP ending, for example BNBPERP);

  • ByBit: if the connection to the server is lost, the provider will continue to work for 15 seconds, waiting for a reconnection;

  • ByBit Spot: added exchange conditional orders;

  • Tinkoff: corrected quotes for futures;

  • OKX: The option "By market as a limit plus %" has been added to the data provider settings.


  • Cluster analysis. Added abbreviations to block names:

    • "Trade Statistics Extremum Price" - (POC);

    • "Trade Statistics Upper Level" - (VAH);

    • "Trade Statistics Lower Level" - (VAL).

  • Changes have been made to the "Cache Settings" option of data providers. The parameters "Storage period of transactions" and "Storage period of executed orders" have been combined;

  • Updated working day calendar for option blocks;

  • Repository Manager. Added display of the time the record was created in the "Creation Date" column;

  • Block "List of instruments". Improved loading and alignment of instrument bar history.


Data Providers:

  • Binance Futures: Fixed an issue that caused delays in issuing orders;

  • Interactive Brokers: fixed display time of "My trades";

  • Interactive Brokers: fixed a bug due to which data on completed orders did not get to the agent;

  • Interactive Brokers: corrections have been made to the process of placing limit orders;

  • KuCoin: the server time synchronization problem has been resolved. Added automatic time update in the program equal to one minute;

  • OKX: the process of updating order data in case of receiving information about an error when placing or canceling it has been improved;

  • Various errors in the work of suppliers have been fixed:

    • Binance

    • ByBit

    • BitGet

    • Interactive Brokers


  • Notification Manager: fixed a bug that blocked messages when using the "Show messages from script with name" filter;

  • Repository Manager: fixed a bug where the calculated Sharpe and Sortino ratios were not included in the saved optimization results;

  • Corrections have been made to the ToString() method of the OptimProperty optimization parameters in the TSLab API;

  • Portfolio testing: corrections have been made to the calculation of the “Profit”;

  • Fixed a problem with data discrepancies on the “Optimization Results” and “Results” tabs of the laboratory;

  • In the "Central Strike" block for the "Shift strike" parameter, the ability to accept negative values has been added;

  • Solved the problem with importing parameter values with the same name when transferring a set of parameters from one script to another;

  • Fixed an error that occurred when loading a script with an unconfigured instrument in Source blocks;

  • Fixed a bug where orders continued to be sent after the agent was stopped;

  • Various minor bugs.

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