- 2024/02/21

Attention! It is highly recommended to back up your data before performing the update!


Data Providers:

  • Binance: added the ability to download historical Funding Rate data;

  • QuikLua: added an information message in the "Message Log" when the Quik terminal is disconnected from the server.


Data Providers:

  • ByBit Spot: solved the problem connecting to the data provider;

  • ByBit: the problem of removing orders that do not exist on the exchange has been resolved;

  • ByBit: solved the problem of placing orders in certain situations;

  • QuikLua: solved the problem of connecting to the exchange on a schedule;

  • Tinkoff: added the Google.Api.CommonProtos.dll library, the absence of which led to an error in the operation of the data provider.


  • Fixed a bug that led to the disappearance of "Sources" blocks from the script in case of an error loading a third-party library (*.dll);

  • Fixed a bug due to which, when using a self-made portfolio value indicator, the agent could start with an error;

  • Fixed an error in the formation of the first candle on the chart when the start and end times of the trading session were set in the agent’s trading settings;

  • Portfolio testing: fixed error in working with the "Result for optimization" block;

  • Fixed an error in the simultaneous use of the "List of instruments" and "Tradable Instrument" blocks in the script;

  • Fixed an error in sorting the values of a saved set of parameters on the "Parameters" tab of the script;

  • Fixed a bug where the "Parameters" field was no longer displayed in self-made indicator blocks;

  • Fixed an error in launching the script in a certain situation with an external indicator library;

  • Fixed an error in displaying parameter values in saved sets on the "Parameters" tab of the agent;

  • Various minor bugs.

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