- 2024/05/15

Attention! It is highly recommended to back up your data before performing the update!


New blocks in the editor:

  • Block "Calculated tradable source (Instrument)" with variable price step cost;


  • The transition to the .NET 8 platform has been completed;

  • Portfolio testing: the "Deposit" option has been added to the portfolio settings;


  • On the "Optimization" tab, the state of the "Remove negative or zero P/L results" parameter is remembered when saving the script;

  • Cryptocurrency data provider libraries updated;

  • Authorization in TSVerse: by selecting the main menu item "TSVerse - Sign In" in the program, authorization will be performed in the default browser selected in the system;


Data Providers:

  • Binance: fixed an error that occurred when trying to cancel an order;

  • Binance: fixed an issue with high memory consumption when working with Binance Funding Rate;

  • ByBit: fixed a bug where liquidation transactions by instrument were not displayed in the program;

  • ByBit: fixed an error in displaying Trades on a Unified Trading Account;

  • ByBit Perpetual: corrections have been made to the "Free Money" block. When working with a Unified Trading Account account, the block did not display data;

  • BitGet: fixed calculation of commissions in agents;

  • Deribit: fixed error loading bars in agents after data provider crash;

  • OKX Spot: fixed a bug where orders were not placed “By market”;

  • OKX: changes have been made to the formatting of error messages in the "Message Log";

  • OKX Perpetual: solved the problem with displaying the number of lots in the "Message Log" and the value of the P/L parameters in the optimization results;

  • OKX Swap: fixed an error in placing an order when the connection to the data provider is lost;

  • IB: fixed a bug that led to a loop in the candle loading procedure and false signals in agents.


  • Fixed an error in the calculations of the "Recovery Factor" when working with two or more instruments;

  • Corrections have been made to the algorithm for calculating the "Maximum drawdown" for a variable position;

  • TSChannel: fixed an error updating the values of the "API Key" parameter of the "Receiver" and "Transmitter" blocks on the "Control Panel";

  • Fixed an error loading the list of instruments from the folder with saved data with candles in the "Cached Data" provider;

  • In the "Agents" window, saving of the selected sorting for the "Agent" column has been fixed;

  • Fixed an error loading the last candle on the chart when selecting the "Session End" time in the script settings;

  • Fixed a bug where changes made to script properties from a container could be saved without confirmation in the dialog box;

  • Fixed bug with timeframe selection in script containers;

  • Fixed an error in the agent trading settings parameter "Auto fix dbl. exit";

  • Fixed a bug where orders for the BNB-COIN instrument were not placed;

  • Fixed an error in the algorithm of the "List of instruments" block that occurs when the connection with the data provider is lost and then reconnected;

  • Portfolio testing: fixed error displaying data when working with several "Result for optimization" blocks in one script;

  • Portfolio testing: corrections have been made to the drawdown calculation algorithm;

  • Fixed an error in displaying data in the "Tick size" and "Price step cost" columns of the "Quotes" window;

  • Fixed an error that occurred when using service characters in the name of a saved set of script parameters;

  • Fixed a bug in the mechanism for loading indicator libraries in the "Indicator Libraries" window;

  • Various minor bugs.

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