- 2022/04/29

Attention! It is highly recommended to back up your data before performing the update!


  • Data Providers:

    • Fixed possible freezes in crypto providers;

    • Bitfinex: fixed bug in data provider ("Invalid order: maximum size for BTCUSD is 2000");

    • Huobi: fixed data provider connection error;

    • Bitfinex: fixed a bug that caused a double exit from a position;

  • Other fixes:

    • Fixed error when copying blocks ("No source in script");

    • Fixed handling of input type (streaming / non-streaming) in custom indicators;

    • Fixed work of a self-made indicator with the block Logical formula;

    • Fixed a bug with the "Skip" button in the program update window;

    • Fixed "hotkey F4" button in floating program window;

    • Fixed work of links in blocks ("Linked parameter" and "One to many Linked parameters" blocks);

  • Various minor bugs

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