- 2022/06/23

Attention! It is highly recommended to back up your data before performing the update!


New blocks in the editor:

  • Added block "Profits running"

  • Added block "Variation"

Data providers:

  • New data provider QuikLua2

  • New data provider Binance USA


Data providers:

  • Binance: Implemented Conditional Orders

  • ByBit: switched to work in One-Way Mode

  • ByBit: trading in the markets has been implemented:

    • Inverse Futures

    • Spot

  • Deribit: new markets added

  • OKX: added display of net value in the "Positions" window


  • An updated version of the "Save to Global Cache" and "Load from Global Cache" blocks has been added. The previous version of the blocks is saved with the postscript "(old)"

  • Increased the speed of the algorithm for calculating the indicators "Highest for" and "Lowest for"

  • An option has been added to the program settings that includes a dialog box for changing data providers when loading scripts from an archive

  • Added hotkey "F6" to save the script in the lab

  • A checkbox has been added to the "Select" column header of the "Optimization" window, allowing you to select / deselect all parameters in the column

  • Added prefilter "Remove negative or zero P/L" in the "Optimization" window

  • Added sorting and filtering of data in the window "Agent Control Center"


Data Providers:

  • Binance: fixed occasional data provider crashes

  • Fixed various bugs in the work of data providers:

    • Tinkoff

    • Alor

    • BinanceFutures

    • QuikLua2

    • QuikDDE

    • ByBit


  • If Windows shut down while TSLab was running, the program could crash without flushing the latest data to disk

  • The "One to many linked parameters" block could not be connected to other blocks if the "Constant" block was connected to the first input of this block

  • Various minor bugs

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