- 2022/09/16

Attention! It is highly recommended to back up your data before performing the update!


New blocks in the editor:

  • Weighted average bar price;

  • Bars tick data;

  • MultiSecurity;

Data providers:

  • ByBit: Changed the number of ByBit data providers, according to the number of markets.


  • Simultaneous placing of several orders is implemented;

  • Script Editor: Added "Save a copy" button.


Data providers:

  • Binance: Updated support libraries to fix connection issues;

  • ByBit: Added option "Subscribe to trades with quotes";


  • Improved the functionality of the window "Update to a nightly build";

  • Added confirmation request to close the "Optimization results" tab during a running optimization;

  • Added blocking of TSLab startup during the process of creating or restoring a backup;

  • Autotreading Control Center window: added sorting for some columns;

  • Autotreading Control Center window: added the agent "Creation Date" column;

  • Script editor: in the Results window, you can swap groups of indicators by dragging and dropping;

  • Script editor: "Random" was set to the default method in the "Optimization" window.


Data Providers:

  • Binance: fixed downloading ticks after disconnection;

  • Binance Spot: fixed an issue where fiat was not displayed in the Positions window;

  • Binance Futures: fixed updating positions when converting currencies;

  • Binance Futures: fixed an issue with local order times in requests;

  • Binance Futures: fixed lot rounding in the Agent Control Center;

  • OKx: fixed loading of historical data;

  • Huobi spot: fixed sell execution as buy;

  • Fixed various bugs in data providers:

    • OKx

    • Huobi

    • ByBit


  • TSLab API: fixed a bug in the GetTrades() method;

  • Chart window: fixed an error in updating the chart when changing the price step in the settings;

  • Data Providers window: for the Text Provider, the updating of information in the Comment field when changing the folder has been fixed;

  • Risk Manager window: fixed operation of rules for a group of agents;

  • Autotreading Control Center window: fixed a bug that caused a long opening of the Agents window;

  • Agent Control Center window: a bug in the operation of the Agent Control Center service has been fixed;

  • My orders and My trades windows: Fixed filtering of the "Date" column by the "equals" condition;

  • Block Linked parameter: fixed visual updating of parameter values when changing the value of the parameter associated with it;

  • Blocks Save/Load Global Cache: fixed per-bar saving in blocks;

  • TSLab installation wizard: fixed the error of choosing the language of the program interface at the first start;

  • Fixed the algorithm for forming the price range of candles;

  • Fixed a bug with the cache when the "do not save ticks" option is enabled;

  • Fixed a bug with canceling orders when the agents option "Send position entry order immediately" is disabled;

  • Fixed a bug that caused a double exit from a position;

  • Various minor bugs

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