TSLab Installation Guide

Please note! With real connections to exchanges and brokers, as well as when updating, the program uses the following servers:

  1. License Server: - ls1.tslab.ru - ls2.tslab.ru - ls3.tslab.ru

  2. Update server https://files.tslab.pro/update/ The update server is specified in the program settings. If the path is not specified, or any other path is specified, the program will write an error every time it starts or requests an update. You can also receive an error message if work is in progress on our server. "Update service: Error downloading manifest from manifes.xml. Address https://files.tslab.pro/update/ will be used"

  3. If Anti-Virus or firewall is used, TSLab must be excluded. In Anti-Virus, be sure to disable real-time Internet traffic interception.

For these servers, you need to give permission in the firewall if it is in use or in the antivirus firewall if it is in use.

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