Preparing for update

Data backup creation

ATTENTION! In order to avoid the loss of important and unsaved data, we strongly recommend that you back up TSLab data before updating the program.

To create a backup copy of the program, select Tools - Create Backup on the main menu bar.

In the window that opens, specify the data that will be saved on your computer, as well as the backup storage directory.

When you select the options to save the data cache in the Backup Properties, it may take a long time to create a backup file.

In some cases, the process of storing the data cache can take up to several hours.

Software update

Software update is carried out:

  • manually ("Manually");

  • on request for permission to update ("Request permission").

The update mode is selected in the "Program Settings" window.

Manual update

To check for updates "Manually", use the "Check for Update" command (Main menu | Tools | Check for Update).

Update via permission request

If a new version is detected, the program displays a message box that suggests:

  • accept the update by selecting "Yes";

  • refuse to update at the moment by clicking "No";

  • completely skip the update by clicking the "Skip"

ATTENTION! If you selected the "Request permission" mode in the "Program Settings", messages about the missed update will no longer be displayed and the installation of the missed update must be done manually.

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