Release build

Release build

Release build of the software - is the latest version of the software that has been tested and debugged.

The release build version number is as follows: 2.X.XX.0. There is always 0 (zero) at the end. You can read more about installing the Release build version in the article Release build.

Updating the software to the Release version

Methods for updating TSLab

Software update is carried out:

  • manually ("Manually");

  • on request for permission to update ("Request permission").

The update mode is selected in the "Software Settings" window.

Please note that in case of problems with the TSLab application after selecting the "Update mode" - "Manual" function, Technical Supports service will ask you to upgrade to the latest Release version and reproduce the problem again before accepting your request.

Often the release of a new version is caused by fixing the problems that users have encountered or by updating the connector by the broker and the exchange. In this regard, the probability that the problem that is reproduced in your old version is already fixed on the new version significantly increases.

Manual update

To check for updates "Manually", use the "Check for Update" command (Main menu | Tools | Check for Update).

If a new version is detected, the program displays a message box that offers the user to update.

After the update download is complete, you must restart the program.

After checking for updates, if a window appears with the message "The installed version is the latest", then the current Release build version has already been installed.

Update via permission request

The "Request Permission" mode allows you to automatically check for new software updates every time you restart it.

Also, if you do not turn off the TSLab application for a long time, checking for new updates will be performed automatically at a certain time interval.

If a new version is detected, the program displays a message box that suggests:

  • accept the update by selecting "Yes";

  • refuse to update at the moment by clicking "No";

  • completely skip the update by clicking the "Skip".

ATTENTION! If you selected the "Request permission" mode in the "Program Settings", messages about the missed update will no longer be displayed and the installation of the missed update must be done manually.

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