Status bar

​​The Status bar is located at the bottom of the workspace and is designed to display the current state of the system.

The Status bar displays the following information and functionality:

  • Data provider connection button. You can add the button for connecting to a data provider to the Status Bars panel by enabling this option in the Data Providers window. To do this, check the box in the Status Bar column in the line with the selected provider. A field with the current server time of the data provider will be displayed next to the button for connecting to the data provider;

  • Status of connection with the server (if the connection could not be established, the reason is indicated);

  • Sheet panel;

  • Button for opening/closing the message log;

  • Flags for activating the display of various types of messages in the log and the number of new messages.

Message log

The Message log notifies you of changes in the status of communication with the data provider, the status of requests or errors that occurred while working with them. If the Message log is closed, when new messages arrive, the status bar will indicate the number of unread messages of each type.

You can set up filters for messages displayed in the Message Log. More about filters: Notifications manager

The Message log is attached to the top of the status bar and can only be resized in height.

Message log columns

Message log columnDescription


Message type:

  • Information

  • Warning

  • Error


The date and time the message was received.


System message number


Message text.

The title bar of the Message log contains information about the number of new messages of each type. The checkbox next to the number of messages of each type allows you to select which type of messages should be displayed in the message log. Each message type has its own symbol.

Message typeDesignation

Information messages



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