For convenient and efficient organization of the workspace, you can create Tabs in which you can place the program windows. Switching between Tabs is done by pressing the left mouse button on the Tab header in the status bar.

Tab management

Tabs are managed using the context menu, which can be opened with the right mouse button above the Tab header area in the status bar.

Menu itemAction

Add tab

Creates a new tab at the end of the list.

Rename tab

Opens the input field for the new name of the selected tab

Delete tab

Deletes the selected tab

Show "Add tab" button

Enables/disables the display of the add tab button.

Hide windows captions

Hides/shows the titles of windows opened on this tab.

Also, window titles can be hidden/showed using the "Pin" button located on the sheet title.

Attention! If window titles are hidden, you cannot select windows by switching tabs.

Arrangement of tabs in the workspace

Tabs can be placed in the order convenient for you. To move a tab, press the left mouse button over the header of the tab you want to move, and holding the button, drag the tab to the desired location.

Preview and save tabs

Hovering the mouse pointer over a tab title displays a preview of the tab as a tooltip. Preview is available only for previously opened tabs, otherwise, when you hover over the tab, an empty tooltip will be shown.

The sheets you create can be saved as a configuration.

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