The Workspace is an interactive tool for organizing the program interface. The workspace consists of tabs, which in turn consist of zones in which you can place windows.

Managing Windows in the Workspace

On an empty tab, initially there is one zone that occupies the entire area of ​​the workspace. Windows are added using the Main Menu items. The first window occupies the entire workspace and, accordingly, the only zone. The next added windows will be placed in the same zone as tabs.

You can create multiple zones in a workspace. To do this, holding the left mouse button over the window title, you need to start moving the window until the panel for selecting the option for placing the window in the workspace appears.

Кнопки панелиОписание

Placing a window in a new zone that is automatically created above an existing zone. The area of the existing zone will shrink, making room for the new zone.

Placing a window to the left of an existing zone in a new zone.

Placing a window to the right of an existing zone in a new zone.

Placing a window above an existing zone in a new zone.

A new window can also be placed as a tab in one of the existing zones using the central button of the window placement option selection bar. To do this, holding the left mouse button over the window title, you need to move the window to the desired zone and select the placement option in the form of a tab in the zone on the window placement option selection panel.

You can leave the window floating. To do this, simply move the selected window tab to the desired side and release the left mouse button.

During the docking process, the part of the zone where the window will be placed is highlighted in color when you hover the mouse pointer over the corresponding location option on the window placement selection panel in the workspace.

Removing windows from the workspace

The window can be removed from the workspace by clicking on the "Close" button next to the window title. If the window to be closed was the only one in the zone, then this zone will be deleted automatically along with the window being closed.

Saving a workspace as a configuration

You can save the layout and content of windows as configurations. To work with configurations, the following items of the "Main Menu" (Main Menu - File) can be used:

Menu ItemDescription

New Workspace

Creates a new workspace configuration.


Opens a folder with previously saved workspace configurations.


Save As...

Saves the current workspace configuration to an external file with the .tlws extension and the file name. Make sure the location of the *.tlws configuration file is not in the system directory! (For example, in C:\Program Files (x86)\ or C:) Move it from the system directory. We recommend using Desktop or My Documents.

List of the latest configurations

Shows a list of configurations used recently.

Active window

A list of all windows placed in the zone can be seen by clicking on the button in the shape of a triangle, located on the title bar of the zone. From the list that opens, you can go to any of the windows by clicking on its name with the left mouse button. Switching between windows in a zone is done by clicking the left mouse button on the window title bar. To activate a floating window, click on its title.

The active window is highlighted with a check mark icon.

Secondary window

For convenience, the program provides the ability to create a secondary window (windows). Unlike the main window, Tabs cannot be created in the secondary window. The secondary window menu is also slightly different. The "File" Main Menu item contains only the "Settings" and "Exit" items, the "View" menu item does not contain the "Secondary Window" item. Working in the editor with the same script/indicator can be done either in the main window or in the secondary window(s). When you try to switch to editing a script/indicator in another window, you switch to the window where editing of this script/indicator was started.

When you hover over the area to the left of the default secondary window title, the title edit button is displayed.

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