Main menu

The main menu gives you access to the main controls and settings of the TSLab program. It is located at the top of the main program window.

  1. The main menu of the program.

  2. Program version.

  3. Downloaded program configuration file. The * character at the end of the line means that there are unsaved changes in the program


Menu ItemDescription

New Workspace

Creates a new workspace configuration.


Opens a folder with previously saved workspace configurations.


Save As...

Saves the current workspace configuration to an external file with the .tlws extension and the file name. Make sure the location of the *.tlws configuration file is not in the system directory! (For example, in C:\Program Files (x86)\ or C:) Move it from the system directory. We recommend using Desktop or My Documents.

List of the latest configurations

Shows a list of configurations used recently.

Program Settings

Opens the "Program settings" window.


Closes the program. Before the program closes, you will see a dialog box with a list of unsaved lab windows and configurations. In this window, you need to mark the items that should be saved, and then the program will be exited.


Menu ItemDescription


In the script editor, allows you to find a block by its name


Copies the selected object to the clipboard.


Copying the selected object to the clipboard and deleting it.


Paste an object from the clipboard.


Deleting the selected object.


Undoes the last action.


Restoring an undone action.

Window properties

Opens the properties of the active window.


Menu ItemDescription

Secondary Window

Creates a secondary program window


Opens the "Chart" window.

Depth of Market

Opens the "Depth of Market" window


Opens the "Quotes" window

All Trades

Opens the "All Trades" window


Menu ItemDescription

Data Providers

Opens the "Data Providers" window

Add online data providers

Opens the broker connection window.

Add offline data providers

Opens the historical data import window.


Menu ItemDescription


Opens the "Scripts" window.

Script/Agent Settings

Opens the default trading settings window for agents created based on the script being edited.

Clear Log

Deletes all entries from the "Message Log".


Menu ItemDescription


Opens the "Accounts" window.


Opens the "Positions" window.

My Trades

Opens the "My Trades" window.

My Orders

Opens the "My Orders" window.

Autotrading Control Center

Opens the "Autotrading Control Center" window.

Agent Control Center

Opens the "Agent Control Center" window.

Commands Manager

Opens the "Commands Manager" window.

Orders Manager

Opens the "Orders Manager" window.

Options Board

Opens the "Options Board" window.

Risk Manager

Opens the "Risk Manager" window.


Menu ItemDescription

Create Backup

Opens the "Backup Properties" window.

Restore Backup

Opens the "Restore Backup Properties" window.

Export to Excel

Exports the contents of the window to an Excel spreadsheet. The operation is applicable only to windows containing tabular data. Does not apply to control windows and the "Quotes" window.

Cache Folder

Opens the folder with the data caches of the connected data providers

Log Folder

Opens the logs folder. The TSLab program saves logs, which is a history of the program's actions for the last 5 days. In case of problems with the operation of the TSLab program, the contents of this folder can be archived and provided to the TSLab customer support service to analyze possible errors

Check for Update

Checks for uninstalled updates.

Update to a Nightly build

Opens the "Upgrade to Nightly build" window. Learn more about Night Build

Notifications Manager

Opens the "Notifications Manager" window.


Opens a list of open windows in the program.


Menu ItemDescription

Online Help

Opens the "User's Guide" online in the browser.

Visit TSLab site

Opens the TSLab website in the browser.


Opens a window with information about the rights to the program.

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