Add offline data provider

The button for quick access to the wizard for creating offline data providers is located in the Main menu: Data - Add offline data provider

Offline Data Provider Creation Wizard

Clicking the Add Offline Data Provider button will access the offline data provider creation wizard. The Wizard window will display a list of available options for downloading historical data.

In the "Name" field, enter a unique name for the offline data provider (this name will be displayed in the "Providers" window). The name can be anything. The Name field is required. Specify the data provider type. Set up a historical data provider.

Setting example for a text file:

An example of connecting text quotes

List of historical data types

Data provider typeDescription

Binary cache files

Cached data can be used to transfer the accumulated trading history from one computer to another. The tick history is accumulated throughout the day and, when disconnected from the data provider, is stored in the SupplierNameCacheTrade folder

Text Files

A file data provider that provides work with data in a text file format. This provider is able to determine the format by the header. An example of a correct title:



The separator is always a comma, the decimal separator is a period. The date and time format is determined automatically. If there is no line with the format in the file, then the format will be used: <DATE>,<TIME>,<OPEN>,<HIGH>,<LOW>,<CLOSE>

An example of connecting text quotes

CSV Files

File data provider that provides work with data in CSV format. The file has no header.

  • date and time formatи - MM/dd/yyyy;HH:mm;

  • date and time must be in the UTC time zone (otherwise the bars will shift by several hours);

  • decimal separator - dot;

  • column separator: semicolon.

Correct sequence of fields:


For example:


Offline data provider in CSV format

Yahoo Finance files

You can download historical data from the Yahoo Finance search engine. This feature has been implemented in the program since version TSLab 2.1.

More about Yahoo Finance Data Provider

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