Add online data provider

The button for quick access to the wizard for creating online data providers is located in the Main menu: Data - Add online data provider

Online Data Provider Creation Wizard

Clicking the Add Online Data Provider button will access the Online Data Provider Creation Wizard. The Wizard window will display a list of available providers.

In the Data provider name field, enter a unique name for the data provider (this name will be displayed in the Data Providers window and in messages). The name can be anything. By default, the field is filled with the name of the selected provider. The Type field displays a list of data providers available for creation.

This list can be sorted by columns:

  • Type of data provider

  • Group

After the data provider is selected from the list and the name is specified, click the Next button. The settings for the selected data provider will open. For each data provider, the settings will have their own unique fields.

In general, you need to specify:

  • For the Russian exchange - Login and password for the account created by your broker

  • For crypto-exchange - Public and secret API key, created on the website of the cryptocurrency exchange.

  • For Quik terminals - UserID which can be found in the Quik terminal itself

The process of creating an online data provider is discussed in more detail in the article:

Example of connecting a Data provider to a broker

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