Data Providers window

Data Providers window

A Data Provider is a part of the program that provides interaction with a specific trading broker, or directly with the exchange. A provider can implement both a full set of functionality (receiving trade data, issuing trade orders) and a partial set. The "Data Providers" window is intended for managing data providers.

The "Data Providers" window can be opened from Main Menu: Data - Data Providers.

Context menu of the "Data Providers" window

The context menu is available by pressing the right mouse button in the workspace of the Data Providers window.

Menu itemDescription


Properties of the Data Providers window.

Show at

Move the window to one of the existing sheets.

Clone window

Create a copy of the "Data Providers" window.

Data Providers window columns

You can select the list of columns displayed in the window by right-clicking on the line with the names of the columns, or in the Properties of the Data Providers window.



The name of the data provider.


The data provider type.


The group to which the selected data provider belongs


Connect/Disconnect. Performs, respectively, the connection or disconnection of the online data provider. The operation is not applicable to offline data provider.

Status Bar

Allows you to activate the display of the provider's connection button located on the status bar.

Schedule manager

Enable the schedule usage mode. Applies to online data providers only. The activation of the schedule is displayed in the "Schedule Manager" column.


Depending on the type of data provider, information about the license validity period and restrictions on open positions is displayed.

For offline providers, the data path is displayed.

For online providers, the availability status is displayed, or the reasons why the provider cannot be used.

Data Providers window Properties

The properties of the "Data Providers" window can be opened using the context menu or using the "Properties" button located on the title bar of the window.

Attention! The settings of the Background Row Color and Font Settings properties that you have chosen can be returned to default using the "Select Default Settings" button located to the right of the property's drop-down menu. The application of custom settings is indicated by a red indicator on the "Select Default Settings" button.

Menu itemDescription

Use alternating row colors

Highlighting every second line with an alternative color.

Background Row Color

Background color of table rows.

Font Settings

The font type and size.

Window caption in floating mode

Hides/Shows the window title

Columns caption

Hides/Shows table column names.

Data provider management



Calls the "Add Data Provider" wizard window.


Deletes the selected data provider This button is not available if there is an active schedule or an active connection from this provider. If you want to delete a provider, you must disable the schedule, stop the connection, and then delete the data provider.


Opens the settings tab for the selected data provider.

Password Change

Opens the password change tab (if supported by the broker).


Opens the key input tab for the selected data provider. Attention! If the key has already been entered, a tab opens containing the current key and a field for entering a new key (in case the password change function is supported by the broker).

Starting the Data Provider

In the Data Provider window, in the Operation column, click the button to establish a connection

The program will inform you about the connection status in the Data Provider window:

  • red color of the button means an error in the connection;

  • yellow color of the button means the connection is being established;

  • green color means that the connection has been established, and you can trade.

Additional Data Provider settings

Status bar

Check the checkbox in the Status bar column to activate the button in the status bar. The color of the button in the Status Bar also informs you about the status of the connection.

Schedule Management

Using the Schedule Management menu, you can configure the automatic launch of the data provider on the day and time you specify.

Note. To automatically start the data provider, the TSLab application must be running.

To configure the automatic launch of a supplier, click the button with three dots in the Schedule Management column.

In the Edit Schedule window that opens, fill in the provider's automatic start schedule data. Click on the OK button

To launch the compiled schedule, in the Data Provider window, in the Schedule manager column, click the launch schedule button. This disables manual control over the launch of the data provider.

Example of creating and configuring a data provider

An example of creating and configuring a data provider is described in the following articles:

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