Export to Excel

TSLab has the ability to export tabular data to Excel. The export button is available in Main Menu -> Tools -> Export to Excel. The button is disabled by default. In order to make the button active, you need to go to a window with tabular data, for example, to the My trades window.​

TSLab does not provide automatic export to Excel

Exporting data creates a .csv file, such as export.csv

Example of data export to Excel

Note! An example of importing data into Excel is described for the version of Microsoft Office 2019. For other versions of Excel and office programs, the sequence may differ.

  1. In TSLab, export data from the table to Excel (Main menu -> Tools -> Export to Excel)

  2. Open Excel

  3. In Excel, click File - Open. Specify the location of the file. In the same window, select All files to see .csv files.

  4. To complete the import, click the Finish button

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