Accounts window

Account window

The "Accounts" window allows you to receive information about the status of your accounts, both active and not. The Accounts window can be opened by selecting the Main menu item: Trading - Accounts.

Context menu of the "Accounts" window

The context menu is available by pressing the right mouse button in the working area of the Accounts window.

Menu itemDescription


Properties of the "Accounts" window.

Show at

Move the window to one of the existing sheets.

Clone window

Create a copy of the "Accounts" window.

Accounts window columns

You can show or hide the columns you need by clicking on the table heading with the right mouse button or by selecting the appropriate menu item in the properties of the Accounts window.


Data provider

The name of the data provider. Next to the name of the data provider, there is an indicator of the current status of the connection to the broker:

  • green circle - the data provider is connected to the server;

  • black circle - data provider is disconnected from the server


Broker account ID.

Account User Name

You can set a unique name for a specific account. This name will be displayed in the Security Selection wizard for the Agent and Orders Manager


Allows you to transfer data on the selected account to the TSCloud cloud service


Enables and disables account visibility in the Security Selection wizard for the Agent and Orders Manager


The current amount of money in the account. It is calculated both from cash and from shares in terms of money.


The amount of funds in the account, taking into account brokerage loans. Based on this column, the operation of the Limit management type setting in the Agents table is calculated.


Account currency.


A unique account identifier used to create a script container associated with this account. Read the article: Script Container

Column filters in the Accounts window

The data in the Accounts table can be sorted using the built-in filtering system. You can access the filters by clicking on the special button located in the header of the table.

You can set up a separate filter for each column (Excl. Visible, TSCloud, Currency).

Accounts window properties

"Properties" can be opened:

  • from the context menu of the "Accounts" window;

  • using the "Properties" button located on the window's title bar;

  • by selecting the Main menu item: Edit - Window Properties

The settings you have chosen for the Font Settings properties can be returned to their original settings using the "Select Default Settings" button located to the right of the drop-down menu for each of the specified properties. The application of custom settings is indicated by a red indicator on the "Select Default Settings" button.

Menu itemDescription

Font settings

Name and font size of the window.

Columns caption

Hide/Show table column names.

Account key

The account key is a unique set of characters that allows you to uniquely identify the user's account within the TSLab program. It is required when creating a custom script container.

For example, if the author has created a trading strategy and wants to transfer it to a specific user without the right to further transfer the script, he can ask the user for the account code to which the container will be linked. After creating a container linked to an account, no one (including the author of the container) except the account owner will be able to use this container.

Read more about script containers in the article:

pageScript Container

On the right, in the "Key" column, there is a button that allows you to copy the account key to the clipboard.

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