Agent Control Center window

Agent Control Center

The Agent Control Center window can be opened by selecting the Main menu item Trading -> Agent Control Center

This window is designed to track the difference in positions between agents and the account.

The left part of the Agent Control Center window displays the current account data. By selecting the "Count stopped agents" option, you can display information about stopped agents.

The code that monitors the agents works in the core of the program as a service that starts with the launch of the program and runs constantly.

Added message ID 600 to the list of events. This event is fired when an agent divergence change occurs. If there is already a divergence, then when the provider is connected, repeated messages will not go through.

Columns in the Agent Control Center window


Data provider

data provider;


the client's account from which the instrument for trading is selected;


instrument name;

Net value

shows a value equal to the current price of the instrument multiplied by the value from the Positions(lots).Broker field;


corresponds to positions in the Positions table. Data obtained from a broker (or exchange);


custom parameter. A person can manually put a divergence in the table. For example, in the event that the divergence appeared as a result of manual trading;

Calculated positions(lots)

the total number of lots for all agents of this instrument;

Outside agents

the number of lots not linked to any of the agents. (Agents do not "keep" position data);


the difference between broker positions and agent positions;


Align - the button is activated when there is a divergence. When the button is pressed, a transaction request is sent to the broker with an order for the market, with the number of lots corresponding to the divergence.

In the right part of the Agent Control Center window, there is a modified table of My Trades, in which the following data is available:

  • Transaction Number;

  • Agent;

  • Date. The table can be sorted by the Date column so that new deals are always on top;

  • Change - the number of lots in the last trade;

  • Накопленный баланс - количество лотов, которое ведет агент;

The trades table can be opened in a floating window "Open the Own Trades window floating"

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