"Forget errors" of the agent

How the button works

The button is pressed while the agent is running. When you click on the button, it fixes errors:

  • "Double Entry"

  • "Double Exit"

  • "Missed Exit"

  • "Missed Entry"

When the button is pressed, trading settings such as "Do not entry position if there's missed exit" stop working.

When you click the "Forget errors" button, the statistics in the Autotrading Control Center window may go wrong.

How statistics work

The script splits all transactions into pairs, if there is no pair, then the transactions are thrown out of the statistics. If you look in the "Trades" table in the agent, then this deal does not exist. The script doesn't actually lead the position.

And in the Autotrading Control Center table, statistics are calculated as for brokers - a generalized position for the script is shown. Thus, if the button was once pressed in the script, a situation may appear that the transaction will be thrown out of the statistics of the Autotrading Control Center window. For example, 0 lots will be shown, and the agent actually leads 10 lots.

The statistics do not affect the operation of the agent, no special actions are required.

You cannot clear the agent statistics, you can only start the agent with a new trade name.

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