My orders window

My orders window

My orders window displays all orders submitted by you while working with the program, except for those orders whose transactions were rejected by the exchange. The "My orders" window can be opened by selecting the Main menu item: Trade - My orders.

Transactions rejected by the exchange are not taken into account in the table Own orders

The situation with these requests is as follows. Such an order does not reach the exchange and therefore does not have an exchange ID. In fact, there is only a transaction number. The most valuable thing in it is a comment with the reason for the refusal, but we do not save this information in the application cache. Moreover, when reconnecting the data provider, nothing will come from the broker for such transactions, because there is no ID.

Our portfolio number (9 digits) is created immediately, at the signal, but it exists temporarily, since the transaction is not confirmed by the exchange. There are no such orders in the "My orders" table. The most common example of such a transaction is: "Lack of funds for client limits".

Toolbar of the "My orders" window

On the toolbar of the "My orders" window there is a button for quick access to the "Orders manager" window and the buttons "Cancel order", "Cancel all orders", "Move order".

  • Orders Manager - Opens the Orders Manager window for the selected instrument;

  • Cancel order - Cancels the selected order;

  • Cancel all orders - Cancels all active orders;

  • Move order - If you have completed orders not from the team manager, the agent will not know anything about them (for example, through the broker's web interface). In this case, you can manually transfer the order in the "My orders" table using the "Move order" button. Transferring an order to an agent's signal (so that the agent accepts the order as its own) is possible only when the agent is DISABLED. Read more in the article: Move orders and deals to an agent

Columns of the "My orders" window

You can display or hide the columns you need by right-clicking on the table header, or by selecting the appropriate menu item in the properties of the Own requests window.

Column filters in the "My orders" window

The data in the My orders table can be sorted using the built-in filtering system. You can access the filters by clicking on the special button located in the header of the table.

Context menu of the "My orders" window

The context menu is available by pressing the right mouse button in the work area of the My orders window.

Properties of the window "My orders"

Properties of the window My requests can be opened:

  • from the context menu of the window "My orders";

  • using the "Properties" button located on the window's title bar;

  • by selecting the Main menu item: Edit - Window Properties

Attention! The settings of the Buy, Sell, Canceled Orders, Executed Orders, Conditional Orders and Fictitious properties that you have chosen can be returned to default using the "Select Default Settings" button located to the right of the property drop-down menu . The application of custom settings is indicated by a red indicator on the "Select Default Settings" button.


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