Move orders and deals to an agent

Button "Move trade" and "Move order"

The "Move trade" button in the "My trades" table and the "Move order" button in the "My orders" table have the same functionality. You can transfer an Order only with those transactions that belong to this order. It is impossible to transfer only one deal from one order. Because trades are tied to the exchange order ID.

To transfer an order from one agent to another, both agents must be set to the same Instrument, the same Account and the same Login!

If the connection with the server was interrupted while the program was running, and the agent missed the signal, then use the Commands Manager (Trading - Commands Manager) to execute the signal.

If you have completed requests not from the Command Manager, the agent in TSLab will not know anything about them (for example, through the broker's web interface). In this case, you can manually transfer orders in the "My orders" table using the "Move order" button. Transferring an order to an agent's signal (so that the agent accepts the order as his own) is possible only when the agent is OFF. (does not apply to the Option Board!)

How to move an order


  1. Disable an agent in the Autotrading Control Center table;

  2. In the My orders table, select the request that needs to be linked to the agent;

  3. Click the Move order button;

  4. Start agent. If the order is not visible in the agent on the chart, then perform the same action for the Trades of this order in the My trades table

Moving multiple orders to close one position

If several orders for closing one position were manually executed, then it will not be possible to combine them into one order using the TSLab functionality. In this case, all these completed requests cannot be transferred to the agent, so there are two ways to do it.

The first method. Restarting the agent with a new trade name.

Restart the agent with a new trade name. The trade name in the agent is set in the agent settings. In the main menu of the program, select Trading - Autotrading Control Center - Common agent settings - Trading name

This will be a new launch of the agent, from scratch. The old agent statistics will be available by the old trade name.

The second method. Forget errors

Click the Forget errors button in Autotrading Control Center, but that will only help keep the agent up and running for the rest of the day. Why just until the end of the day, if you can trade more? The problem is that when the button is clicked, the statistics in the Autotrading Control Center table are lost. The Forget Errors button is active only for a running Agent

Read also about the steps on how to link deals to agents from the Orders manager: Linking a manually completed order to an agent

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