Positions window

Positions Window

The Positions window contains data that displays the current state of the positions in your account. The Positions window can be opened by selecting the Main menu item: Trade - Positions.

This window contains data from the broker/exchange without any changes. In some cases (for example, crypto exchanges), we calculate the valuation in bitcoins. This also applies to blocks that use this data (passing this data to the agent), for example, Portfolio estimation.

By the way, the portfolio estimation in the laboratory is calculated based on the position according to the formula: Portfolio estimation = money + positions.

If the information in the window differs from what the broker broadcasts in some other place (in another program), please contact our support service. To find the causes of data inconsistencies, we need:

  • Program log and broker log (if it is possible to request a log from a broker). Access to the folder with logs of the TSLab program can be obtained from the Main menu: Tools - Log folder;

  • Screenshots of the window from the application, which displays data other than TSLab data.

Toolbar of the Positions window

The toolbar of the "Positions" window contains the buttons "Orders Manager", "Close position/Cancel all orders", "Cancel orders". To activate the button, select the line with the position.

  • Order Manager - Opens the Order Manager window for the selected instrument;

  • Close Position/Cancel All Orders - Closes a market position and cancels current active orders for the selected instrument;

  • Cancel orders - Cancels the currently active orders for the selected instrument.

Column filters in the Positions window

The data in the Positions table can be sorted using the built-in filtering system. You can access the filters by clicking on the special button located in the header of the table.

Account status lines of the Positions window

There are 4 account states in the Positions window:

  • Long position (by default, they are highlighted with a green background);

  • Short position (by default highlighted in red);

  • Position in money - your money on the account of the exchange / broker (by default, they are highlighted with a yellow background);

  • Neutral position is a closed position that has previously been traded (highlighted with a white background by default).

Columns of the Positions window

You can show or hide the columns you need by clicking on the table header with the right mouse button, or by selecting the appropriate menu item in the Positions window properties.


Data provider

Data provider.


Currency unit.

User's account name

The account name you created.


Account number.


Short designation of the instrument.


Instrument name.

Market code

Short name of the market.


The incoming position shows the actual amount of the specified instrument deposited in your account at the close of the previous trading day. The incoming position does not take into account outstanding obligations and claims on the instrument.


The current position shows the actual amount of the specified instrument, which will remain in your account at the close of the current trading day.


The planned position is calculated as the current position, taking into account the planned purchases and sales.


Amount of bought and sold financial instrument

Balance price

The average price of your transactions in the market, as a result of which a net position on a financial instrument was opened.

Assessed price

The price of the last transaction (quotes).

Daily commission

Broker commission per trading session.


Commission for the entire known period (currently not applicable).

Net value

For instruments on the exchange and OTC markets, the net value is equal to the value of the respective position in the account currency.и в рублях по цене последней сделки.

Balance volume

Position value at book price.


Unrealized profit/loss.

Incoming net

Incoming position multiplied by the opening price.

In Bids

The total number of lots in all purchase orders.

In Offers

The total number of lots in all sell orders.


Bought per session.


Sold per session.

P/L (day)

Profit/loss daily.

P/L (est.)

Estimated profit/loss.

Variable Margin

The value of the variation margin broadcast from FORTS.

Initial Margin

The initial margin allows you to assess the risk of opening new positions. In fact, the initial margin is a discounted assessment of positions in liquid assets (securities and foreign currencies that can be accepted as collateral) and futures (if the Derivatives Market of the Moscow Exchange is included in the EBS) included in the investor's portfolio

Risk rate

Risk rates for an instrument take into account the risk of adverse price changes and allow you to assess the amount of risk that an investor can take on.

Context menu of the Positions window

The context menu is available by pressing the right mouse button in the workspace of the Positions window.

Menu itemDescription


Opens the properties of the "Positions" window.

Orders Manager

Opens the "Orders Manager" window for the selected instrument


Opens the "Chart" window for the selected instrument.

Close position/Cancel all orders

Closes the selected market position and cancels current active orders for the selected instrument.

Cancel orders

Cancels current active orders for the selected instrument

Show at

Moving a window to one of the existing sheets

Clone window

Creates a copy of the window.

Positions window properties

Properties of the Positions window can be opened:

  • from the context menu of the "Positions" window;

  • using the "Properties" button located on the window's title bar;

  • by selecting the Main menu item: Edit - Window Properties

Attention! The settings of the properties "Font settings", "Long position", "Short position", "Position in money ", "Neutral position" that you have chosen can be returned to default using the "Select default settings" button located to the right of the drop-down menu. The application of custom settings is indicated by a red indicator on the "Select Default Settings" button.


Menu itemDescription

Long position

Setting the color of lines displaying long positions.

Short position

Setting the color of the lines displaying short positions.

Position in money

Setting the color of lines displaying positions "in the money"

Neutral position

Customize the color of rows displayed by neutral positions

Font settings

Select font type and size.

Columns caption

Hide/Show column headers.

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