All Trades

When the program is connected to the server and there are trades, the program receives deals from the market. Transactions are received in one of the following cases:

  • The agent is running with the selected instrument.

  • The script laboratory with the selected instrument is open and the option "Update in real time" is enabled in the script properties.

  • Instruments are displayed in the table View - Quotes.

  • Deals are requested in the table View - All trades.

In the Agent mode, an agent is calculated on the basis of these trades, and bars are built from these trades. When disconnected from the data provider, the received data from the RAM is written to "bin.gz" files in the ProviderNameCacheTrade folder.

The folder is on the same level as the program logs folder. You can go to the folder from the program by selecting the Main menu item: Tools - Cache folder. If you turn off the program from the windows task manager, then the data may not be written to the hard drive.

Trades contain much more data than downloaded bars. For example, having only deals, you can use cluster analysis.

If you turn off the program from the Windows Task Manager, the data may not be written to the hard drive. Or register with an error, and the next time you connect to the broker, the chart may stop updating. In this case, you should delete the bin.gz file for the last day, with the program turned off. (a very rare situation, even in those cases when the lights turned off and the computer stopped working abruptly)

If the lab is not updated in real time or the agent is not updated, and only ready-made bars arrive at the end of the timeframe, then deals do not arrive or the "Update in real time" flag in the script properties is not enabled, and the lab may also have limiting option date to.

If transactions do not come with an active connection and there are trades on the market, this is a reason to contact the broker's support service or our support service.

If there are trades, but the bars on the chart or in the laboratory are not built in real time, check the Windows regional settings.

If the time in transactions differs from the time specified in the data provider, then the problem is clearly with the regional settings.

Also, if the "Local time" option is set in the data provider's settings and the local time of the computer differs from the time in transactions, this is a reason to install Windows updates and set the region corresponding to the physical location of the computer, or, if this does not solve the problem, contact support TSLab.

All Trades window

The "All Trades" window contains information about all transactions made on the stock exchange for the securities you track during the current trading day.

The "All Trades" window can be opened from the Main menu of the program: View - All Trades or from the context menu of the "Quotes" window opened above the security you are interested in.

Columns of the "All Trades" window

In the "All Trades" window, filtering of the table content is available. When you right-click on the column names panel of the Deals table, you can select the displayed columns.

Context menu of the "All Trades" window

The context menu is available by pressing the right mouse button in the working area of the "All Trades" window.

Properties of the "All Trades" window

The properties of the "All Trades" window can be opened both from the context menu of the window and using the "Properties" button located in the right corner of the sheet window title bar.


  • Instruments - Adding instruments to the watch list.


  • Columns - A menu that allows you to select the columns displayed in the "All Trades" window.


Selecting Instruments in the "All Trades" Window

Fields of the Select Instruments window:

  1. Data provider - Select a Data provider

  2. Type - Selection of instrument type.

  3. Market - Market selection.

  4. Instruments - List of available Instruments. The Add Instrument button adds the Instrument to the Selected Instruments list. This list will be displayed in the Quotes window.

  5. Selected instruments - List of selected instruments. The "Up" arrow moves the selected element up in the list of added tools. The "Down" arrow moves the selected item down in the list of added tools.

  6. Extra options.

In the Instruments field, you can filter using a search mask. There are 2 types of matching available: mask and symbol.

Extra options

  • Do not show strikes - excludes strikes from the list of instruments.

  • Do not show the expired ones - excludes expired instruments from the list of instruments.

  • Expiration - Select the type of expiration:

    • after;

    • before;

    • exactly.

  • Choice of expiration date. If the market you select is too large and the server disconnects you, try selecting/adding instruments in small increments.

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