Insufficient load on a multicore processor

This issue can be acute on multi-core Xeon processors. The setting is related to the Net Framework garbage collector. If a multi-core processor (8 or more cores) is not fully loaded, try setting the following parameters in the program.

Program settings for TSLab 2.1

​Open the Program Settings menu (File - Program Settings).

​In the Program Settings window go to the Script Optimization tab.

Check the box next to the Should be used on multiprocessor (or many cores) systems option. Click on the Apply button.

If the above setting did not help and the processors are still not loaded:

Correct the TSLabApp.exe.config file. The file is located in the C:\Program Files\TSLab\TSLab 2.1 directory

Add the following parameters after the <gcServer enabled = "true" /> line:

// code placeholder
 <gcServer enabled="true"/>
 <GCCpuGroup enabled="true"/>
 <Thread_UseAllCpuGroups enabled="true"/>

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