API Introduction


TSLab API is a set of ready-made libraries on the .NET platform that allow you to write trading scripts and indicators for TSLab.

If you build a strategy using cubes, TSLab translates your strategy into C# and executes it. In this case, the point is to write code. A lot can be realized through the code.

TSLab API allows you to write strategies, indicators, work with charts, create a control panel, work with positions, with ticks, with a glass, with orders directly.

Key features:

  1. You can write strategies on the .NET Framework from 4.6.2 and higher.

  2. In .NET you can write in C#, VB.NET. In the examples, we will use C#.

  3. In TSLab, you can connect strategy code in the form of .cs files and in the form of .dll libraries.

http://files.tslab.ru/docs/2.0/en/api/ - API documentation (description of classes and interfaces).

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