Visual Studio Installation

Visual Studio Installation

To write scripts and indicators for TSLab, we will use the Visual Studio development environment. The community of versions is completely free.

So, go to the Visual Studio website, and download the latest version of the studio..

During installation, you must select the Classic .NET Application Development component.

After installation, run Visual Studio. On the start window, select Create a new project.

We will create a regular library in C #, therefore, we will select the class library template (.NET Standard).

Important: for TSLab version 2.2 and higher, you need to use the .Net Standard2.0, .Net Standard2.1, Net6 or higher platform.

Next, in the Project name field, specify a name, for example MyLib. You can also specify the location of the project.

Specify the folder C:\ TSLabHandlers\. Then we will need to connect scripts to TSLab from this folder.

After that, the studio will create a project with a standard C # template.

In order to assemble the project you need to press F6, while the studio will save the changes, collect the library and put it in the project folder .../bin/Debug.

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