HandlerParameter Attribute

Hello dear developers!

I ask you to explain to me the purpose of some parameters in the "HandlerParameter" Attribute:

1) In the "Third overload" of the "HandlerParameter" attribute, there are parameters one after another: bool isShown, string def, [string Default] and so on.

The explanation for "string def" says: "Default value". The explanation for "[string Default]" says: "The default parameter value is a string."

I have a question: If these are both parameters "by default", then what are the differences between them and what is each of them for?

2) "[string Editor]" is the "Parameter Editor".

Question: What does the "Parameter editor" mean, what is the editing for, where the editing takes place, maybe it has something to do with optimization, that is, is it like "OptimProperty"?

3) What are [string EditorMax] and [string EditorMin] for, as well as [string Max] and [string Min]? I suppose that one of these pairs sets the framework in which the optimization of the parameter should take place, but why is the second pair needed then?

4) [string Step] - "The parameter step for the value is a string". Do I understand correctly that this is "Step of parameter change when using Optimization"?

5) Parameter [bool isCalculable] - I assume that the correct translation is "Calculated". What does "Calculated? What is this parameter for?"


  1. According to the documentation, there is no such overload http://files.tslab.ru/docs/2.0/en/api/class_t_s_lab_1_1_script_1_1_handlers_1_1_handler_parameter.html. Inside the constructor HandlerParameter (bool isShown, string def) def is assigned to Default Attributes in C #. In particular, the difference between positional and named parameters. The syntax in attribute declarations allows positional and named parameters to be specified at the same time, even though they refer to the same class member. What Visual Studio shows in square brackets are named parameters.

  2. "[string Editor]" is used to set a visual editor for a property other than the default. This also requires support within the program, so users cannot use this attribute at this time.

  3. [string EditorMax] and [string EditorMin] are used to validate input values.

  4. [string Max] and [string Min] and [string Step] Min, Max and Step on the Optimization tab

  5. [bool isCalculable] this means that the parameter can participate in optimization, ie. appear on the Optimization tab.

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