The order queue

Working with the order queue

The following methods are available for working with the application queue in the ISecurity interface:

  • GetBuyQueue (int barNum) - Get the order queue for purchases.

  • GetSellQueue (int barNum) - Get the order queue for sales.

  • UpdateQueueData () - Update a cached quotes (does not affect FinInfo.Ask / FinInfo.Bid).

The GetBuyQueue and GetSellQueue methods list the IQueueData objects. At the moment, these methods always return the current queue, i.e. independent of the passed parameter barNum.

Interface IQueueData



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Are there any of our orders


Access to a financial instrument

Example, output the data of the queues to the log:

using System;
using System.Text;
using System.Linq;
using TSLab.Script;
using TSLab.Script.Handlers;

namespace MyLib
    public class GetQueues : IExternalScript
        public void Execute(IContext ctx, ISecurity sec)
            var level = 5;

            // Get queues
            var queueBuy = sec.GetBuyQueue(0).ToArray();
            var queueSell = sec.GetSellQueue(0).ToArray();

            var sb = new StringBuilder();
            var n = level;

            // We display information on the sales order (5 levels) in the log
            foreach (var item in queueSell.Take(level).Reverse())
                sb.AppendFormat("Sell {0}: {1} - {2}\r\n", n--, item.Price, item.Quantity);

            n = 1;
            // We display information on the order of purchases in the log (5 levels)
            foreach (var item in queueBuy.Take(level))
                sb.AppendFormat("Buy {0}: {1} - {2}\r\n", n++, item.Price, item.Quantity);


The information from TSLab matches the data from the terminal.

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