Chart Controls

Scaling. Working with axes

If you hold and drag the chart to the left or right side, then the chart will be shifted along the time axis. This will autoscale the vertical axis.

If you roll the mouse wheel over the graph, it will be scaled relative to the mouse cursor.

Disable autoscaling

Pressing the “L” and “R” buttons on the "Legend" of the graph disables autoscaling along the left / right axes, respectively, which gives two additional options:

  • when scrolling horizontally and zooming, there will be no automatic zooming on the vertical axis

  • when the mouse wheel is rotated over the vertical axis, the change in the vertical scale is not limited by the maximum and minimum prices of the visible chart area.

The possibilities specified in clause 2 apply only to 2 axes, these possibilities do not apply to additional axes (up to six axes can be set on the chart, it is set in the “Number of axes” field of the “Chart pane” block)

Buttons for moving to the beginning and end of the loaded chart

Additional buttons for moving to the beginning and end of the loaded instrument chart appeared at the bottom of the chart. The transition can be done in three ways:

  • by pressing the key combination CTRL+left/right (keyboard buttons)

Right scale offset in bars

The option allows you to shift the chart line by N bars to the left from the right border of the workspace.

This option is enabled in the menu Chart properties - Bar indent

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